Welcome to another year of honey from my Atlanta-based home and hives. I am small scale beekeeper living in the Ormewood Park neighborhood, fortunate enough to have 80,000 to 200,000 active, healthy and productive partners (staffing varies seasonally, grin) creating honey from the gardens, farms and parks of our community.

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Product Interests

* Honey is a natural product and weight (water content) can vary slightly depending on environmental factors. We strive for 14-18% moisture which exceeds the recommended maximum of 20% for safety, value and quality.
** Unbleached, golden beeswax

Dear Community

It is with deep regrets and sadness that I must announce there will be no honey harvest this year. The usual challenges of beekeeping, coupled with the increasingly erratic climate since Winter have been really hard on the hives this year and there will not be a harvest-able surplus. Thank you for all your support in the past, we hope to be able to bounce back next season.