Supplemental Hive Inspection

Nice weather and covid-19 social distancing, meant time for an inspection of the hobby hives in the backyard.

The lighter hive is actually quite busy inside, they’re just so much more sedate than the other hive that I took it for a bad sign.

Heavy propolis deposits, probably in response to the cold/rain/warm fluctuations we saw. Took a bit of prying to get in.

Both are finishing off the last of the supplemental feeding and from the color of the honey, I’m pretty sure they’ve moved on to forage for the most part.

Had to keep the suit on to mow and trim grass around the hives, since in bee mythology, lawnmower = “very loud bear what smells of gasoline”. They really do not like it, but it keeps the pests down and makes it easier to work around the hives.

Dear Community

It is with deep regrets and sadness that I must announce there will be no honey harvest this year. The usual challenges of beekeeping, coupled with the increasingly erratic climate since Winter have been really hard on the hives this year and there will not be a harvest-able surplus. Thank you for all your support in the past, we hope to be able to bounce back next season.