I’m no graphic designer, but I’m also no stranger to the Adobe suite of products, so I decided to try my hand and creating some custom labels for my personal honey, as well as for some of the Honey Co-Op keepers that I’m working with.

Ormewood Reserve

… is my original, locally bottled honey named after my neighborhood.The trolley car is one of the neighborhood symbols, hearkening back to the day when electric trolley cars services the homes and businesses.

Big Rock

… refers to the two large geological features which locals may recognized. 😉

Piedmont Premium

… named for the prominent region of middle/north Georgia, this is one of the tastiest local honeys I’ve tasted in a while.



Dear Community

It is with deep regrets and sadness that I must announce there will be no honey harvest this year. The usual challenges of beekeeping, coupled with the increasingly erratic climate since Winter have been really hard on the hives this year and there will not be a harvest-able surplus. Thank you for all your support in the past, we hope to be able to bounce back next season.